You may have come across, when searching for quality dating websites. This site was developed by the makers of, and it was designed to offer features that their original service doesn't provide. Rather than searching through every member profile to find a match on your own, is set up for a more targeted approach instead.

Rating: 9/10 Rating has become very popular over the past couple of years. Their dating website is one of the most used and continues to grow in popularity. They offer excellent membership offers and strives to be the best when it comes tothe most effective compatibility techniques.

Much like eHarmony, it is built around a scientific basis, which is meant to provide you with highly compatible matches. So, if you want to find someone special and you are looking to settle down, then this may be the site for you to use! However, before spending the money, you probably want to know if it is the best option. Therefore, to help you decide, let's examine its positive and negative features in more detail below.

Compatibility and Chemistry

While most online dating websites today have something to offer, wants to take your experience to a new level. They believe that you need both compatibility and chemistry to have a successful dating relationship, so they incorporate these into their system. Using insights into the areas of interpersonal communication, the proven factors of good relationships and other valuable research, they've crafted a comprehensive approach. How does it work?

You will go through a detailed survey, where you will be asked many in-depth questions. In fact, you may be surprised with how unique, creative and involved this process really is! Not only will you be given the chance to answer regular questions about many different topics, there is much more going on too. For example, you may be shown pictures, and you'll be asked to select the one which best fits a certain category. They may display three images on your screen, and you'll be given the chance to pick the most romantic one.

More In-Depth Profiling

The profiling doesn't stop there, as you may have a puzzle to complete or a sound clip with an accompanying question. With all of this variety, not only will you be creating an excellent profile, you may have some fun too! Further, with their attention to detail, it is clear that the makers of did not take the easy road out, as so many other online dating websites are apt to do. They've worked hard to create a system, which will provide the greatest insight into your needs, desires and personality – all so they can deliver the perfect match right to your door!

At this point you may be ready to give a try, and to stop looking for online dating websites to try. However, if you are like most people, you probably prefer to have a free trial first. The best services now offer this type of program, as they allow you to get a feeling for how their dating site works. So, you'll probably be pleased to learn, that will give you the first two weeks free of charge! You will be provided with access to many areas of the site during this time, and you'll be given a complete profile for no extra cost too. If you want to upload photos, you can do this as well. Further, if you already have a membership at, you can automatically transfer your profile over instantly! You'll also have the ability to use the advanced matching system, as often as you like.

Membership Plans and Pricing

To see other members who want to speak with you, joining will be required. You have three different membership options to select from, so you can find one which will meet your needs well. For a single month, the cost is $49.95 to join. If you pay for three months upfront, then the monthly price falls to only $33.32 instead. Finally, if you decide to purchase the six month package, your membership will only be $26.65 every month. This is an incredible 47% savings, which is significant! Also, they provide you with flexibility too, as accepts most major credit cards, and you may cancel at any time.

What other features will you receive with your membership? Unlike other dating websites online, you'll have access to their proprietary First Meeting technology, which makes that first conversation go much more smoothly! Also, this service is an excellent choice, if you aren't sure where to begin. They take you through the communication process step by step, so you have an expert guide to rely upon. You will have access to email messaging too, and this is accompanied by extra safety features - to ensure that your contact information is always safe! Finally, you can store all of your past matches and any conversations you'd like to keep for later reference too.

Get Started at

So, if you have been looking for a dating website which provide serious matches, may be perfect for you. This site has been designed to provide you with high quality singles, who will share deep compatibility with you. Also, their focus is upon people looking for long term commitment. Why is this important? This lets you know that everyone you find on this dating website, will be ready to settle down – just like you! Instead of wasting time to filter out those who are only interested in casual dating, the hard work is already completed for you. So, why not join today? After all, with their free trial period, you have nothing to lose.




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