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Are you looking for someone who shares your Christian values, to begin a dating relationship with? If so, then Christian Cafe is an excellent option, and they have many unique features to offer you. They have been in business for ten years now, so their track record speaks for itself. Also, unlike some other Christian dating websites online today, it is actually owned by Christian people.

Rating: 9/10
Christian Cafe Rating
Christian Cafe
ChristianCafe.com is probably the most well know dating website for christian singles. This site specifically targets Christian men and women looking for a long lasting relationship based around their faith. This makes for some of the best compatibility matching around.

The owners are committed to providing high quality service, and integrity is their goal. In fact, one of their policies will illustrate this fact quite well. They automatically remove a profile which has been inactive for 90 days, to ensure that you only see singles who are active on their site! Why is this so important? Not only will this make your experience far better, but it shows that they put their customer's needs before making more profit. Canceling memberships reduces their sales, yet they are committed to keeping Christian Cafe superior in every way. This is in sharp contrast to other online dating websites, which keep inactive members, to artificially inflate their membership numbers and boost their revenues.

Christian Cafe Special Advantages

What other advantages does this service deliver? While many dating websites offer free trials today, often these have limited functionality and many options are closed. Christian Cafe's ten day free trial has very little restriction, and you will have full access to every area of the site. The only exception to this is online chatting, and sending audio or video messages. As a trial member, you will be allowed to send and receive an unlimited number of text instant messages and emails. Also, all member profiles will be open for you to see, and you can view them in their entirety too. There are no partial profiles here, and you won't have to pay to contact anyone either! Further, in keeping with their Christian theme, members can post prayer requests for others to read.

Also, you'll receive Dr. Jim Rives' dating newsletter for no extra charge, which is a nice added bonus. You can search using a variety of options as well, and you can even filter your results by church denomination if you prefer. Other choices include your geographic location, activities and hobbies too. Finally, while many dating websites provide forums for speaking with other singles, none has the setup which Christian Cafe can boast. Their forums are moderated, to ensure that proper respect and etiquette is followed at all times. So, you won't have to worry about inappropriate speech or conduct when using this service. If you have been a member of other online dating websites in the past, you know that this is a rare thing to find currently!

In fact, Christian Cafe works hard to make their site a safe place to find eligible singles. They've even put together an entire guide for you to read over, which gives you suggestions on how to protect yourself, to ensure you have a great online dating experience! This just demonstrates how the owners of Christian Cafe have gone the extra mile, to provide a warm and inviting atmosphere for you to mingle within.

Proven Track Record

Other relevant facts include high praise by real customers, with many successful relationships being started since Christian Cafe's inception a decade ago. Also, be aware that they do not allow gay, lesbian or transgender people to join their site, as there will be no suitable matches for them to find. Further, you can take advantage of high level search functions, and this site will even display new members who have joined that week!

Finally, you won't be asked to give out your credit card information to sign up for the free trial, which is nearly unheard of. Almost all dating websites will require a payment method, as many hope that you will forget to cancel in time. Again, you can see the integrity of this service, as you can never be charged against your will!

Cost of Joining Christian Cafe

How much does Christian Cafe cost to join? After your free ten day trial has expired, you will need to join if you wish to continue using their service. The good news is, they are running a sale for a limited time, and the price has been reduced significantly! Now one month is only $34.97, which comes out to only $1.17 every day. Three months will cost you $42.97, which is about $14 every month. If you choose to pay for six months upfront, then the price is an affordable $57.97, or only 32 cents every day.

Finally, for the most savings, you can pay for a full year in advance. How much is this? While it used to be $107.97, they've dropped this down to an amazing $87.97. That is just over $7 every month, and this beats other online dating websites prices by a mile! Also, you can pay using most major credit cards if you wish, but they take Paypal as well for even more added convenience. Finally, if you refer friends to this service, you will get five free days for each one that signs up.

Get Started at Christian Cafe

So, if you have been searching for a quality Christian dating website, you can't do much better then Christian Cafe! With their commitment to integrity, along with providing a safe and inviting atmosphere, you will likely have a wonderful experience. Also, they make it easy to find someone special, who shares your beliefs as well. So, why not take advantage of their free trial offer today, and see what everyone is talking about?




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