eHarmony Review and Pricing

When looking at the online dating websites available to you, eHarmony has no doubt come across your path. It is one of the most popular dating websites online today, and it has a high profile in the industry too. The founder, Dr. Neil Clark Warren, is a renowned expert in the field of marriage and he used his expertise to create this unique service.

Rating: 9/10
eHarmony Rating
eHarmony is one of the most well-known online dating websites. They have been providing service for many years now and continue to grow stronger with time. Their members seem to be very well taken care of and they have a very high rating for customer satisfaction.

They employ his system, called the 29 dimensions of compatibility, to analyze potential matches for the best results. In fact, according to the company, nearly 5% of all new marriages in the US every year are attributed to their service alone! This is an astonishing figure, and it may make you interested in learning more.

Inside the Member's Area

Unlike other dating websites online, eHarmony doesn't allow you to browse through their member profiles. Instead, the entire site is built around their sophisticated matching system, which will provide you with compatible singles for you to look over instead. To give you the most targeted results, you have to answer an in-depth survey containing hundreds of questions. So, be prepared to take some time to set up your profile, as it will be sometime before you see your first matches! Some users find this extra work to be aggravating, as they want to get started right away. However, most people say it is an investment, and that they are willing to put in this time upfront for better matches later on.

In fact, even if you aren't interested in paying for their service, using this questionnaire to your advantage is highly recommended! You see, they will offer you the results free of charge, and you don't have to join to read their expert insights. What can you expect to learn? Included in your personalized report, will be the type of person they believe you'll have the best chemistry with. Further, it will go on to detail what your areas of strength and weakness are, giving you a better idea of what you have to offer a potential mate. This can help you immensely in the dating process, whether you end up using eHarmony or other dating websites online instead.

At this point you may be wondering what the price is, and what different membership options are offered. As stated above, you can choose to join eHarmony for free, though the list of available features will be limited. However, this is a great benefit, which not all online dating websites provide. It gives you the chance to get a feeling for their service, and see whether you are interested in continuing to work with them. Not only will you have access to the free Personality Profile, and get to see your results, you will be given your matches for free as well. The free membership allows you to review their information and see their entire profile, not just a small portion. This is a nice upgrade from other dating websites, as making you join to see the complete profile is a common marketing tactic.

eHarmony Pricing Information

That being said, if you want to move on to the next step and speak with your matches, you will need to become a member. How much does eHarmony cost? While it is more than other online dating websites today, many users report that it is an excellent value. The price will depend upon what package you select, and you can choose either the Basic or the Total Connect plan. Under the Basic plan, you'll be able to talk with your matches, and even choose to speed up the messaging process if you prefer. The cost for one month of service is $59.95, and this drops to only $39.95 if you pay for 3 months at a time. The price is further reduced if select the 6 month package, at only $29.95 monthly. Finally, if you pay for a year in advance, your monthly price is an attractive $19.95!

The Total Connect option has all of the features of the Basic plan automatically included, plus a few add-ons as well. You will receive a premium personality profile, which is the longer version of this valuable questionnaire. Also, many people love how this plan allows you to make calls from your home phone to other members too! eHarmony uses special technology to keep your number private, meaning your sensitive contact information is always guarded.

Finally, they will provide you with the chance to have your information fully verified, which will make other singles more willing to speak with you. After all, this will prove that you are who you claim to be, so they don't have any surprises when they show up for your first date! The cost starts at $44.95 for 3 months of membership at this level, and 6 months is only $33.95 monthly. Again, the price falls significantly if you join for a full year and pay upfront, dropping to only $23.95 every month.

Start Online Dating with eHarmony

So, all in all, eHarmony has many advantages over other dating websites, which has made it one of the most popular services available today. If you are looking for a high quality match, that is deeply compatible, then it may be the best choice. In contrast, if you are only looking to date casually, it may not be the right option for you at this time. The price is higher than competitor's sites, but you also receive much more in return. With the in-depth questionnaire using the 29 dimensions of compatibility, you can have confidence in their system. So, why don't you get started today, and review your matches online for free?




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