How to Break Off a Date the Right Way

If you have recently joined a few dating websites online, you may have had several dates already. If they were of poor quality, you may have been wondering how to break off your date. This can be a delicate process, and you want to do it in a manner which is classy and without reproach. Yet, you also don't want to be forced to sit through a date which is uncomfortable for you! How can you tell someone that you are through with the evening, without creating a scene? To help you answer this difficult question, let's examine this topic in more depth below.

There are many different points during a date when you can break it off. If you've set up your meeting using an online dating website, then this will be your first time seeing each other face to face. You may arrive at your destination, and realize that their profile picture was a gross exaggeration! Perhaps they included a photo that was a decade old, and they no longer live up to what you expected. Or, maybe the angle was chosen with care, to ensure you didn't really see their facial features. Whatever the case may be, you may be left with an awkward decision.

If you are convinced that you have no future, and you feel that you've been mislead by their choice of picture, you might want to break off your date then and there. It is of course within your rights to do so, but this probably won't go over well. Some people choose to simply walk out, without informing their date that they've left. This is a pretty low thing to do, and most people would consider this to be extremely rude.

Your Best Options

Yet, what can you do? The first option is to leave without saying a word, as mentioned above. For the more direct approach, you could introduce yourself and then tell them point blank that they don't look like their picture. If this matches your personality and communication style, then by all means go ahead. However, most people will have trouble with this type of confrontation, leaving you with a third option. Perhaps you had agreed beforehand to have dinner together. If this is the case, you could inform them within the first minutes of meeting, that you only have time for a drink or an appetizer. This will let them know that you aren't interested in pursuing them further, while still being polite at the same time.

What if you don't have a problem with how they look, but aren't attracted to them in the least? This happens sometimes when using dating websites, and you can't predict this in advance. Perhaps their personality simply grates upon your nerves, or they are rude and overbearing. For whatever reason, you may find yourself turned off by your date, and wanting to run out the door!

An easy and low-stress way to break off your date early, is to use a staged phone call. Excuse yourself and go to the bathroom, and then dial a friend for help. Ask them to wait a few minutes, and then to call your phone back. When you answer it, you can tell your date that something important has come up, and you must leave immediately. However, while this is effective in most cases, you may feel dishonest using this method. After all, you will be lying right to your date's face, as you don't actually have any emergency which needs your attention.

Telling the Truth

If you are bothered by this approach, then you are left with telling your date the truth instead. Yet, there are ways to do this, which will cushion their ego from the full impact of the blow. You could tell them that you don't see this going any further, but that it is no one's fault. After all, finding love on a dating website is a process and people are more likely to be incompatible than they are to fall for each other. Saying something to this effect will clearly let your date know where you stand, without making them feel bad about themselves. This is the best of both worlds, and it may be your preferred method from now on.

However, sometimes your date may take it badly, and become belligerent. This is never acceptable, and you should ask someone from the staff where you are meeting to escort you out, while they make sure that your date stays inside. You don't have to put up with being mistreated, just because you find your date unattractive.

Hopefully, the online dating websites which you've joined, will provide you with wonderful matches. However, if you do need to cut a date short, you now have several methods for doing so. Just try to protect their feelings as much as possible, unless they make it clear that they don't deserve this level of care. In most cases, it is like pulling off a Band-Aid, and it will be over with before you know it! It is always best to cut things off early, rather than leading them on and giving them false hope. You won't be doing them any favors, as it will hurt them much more in the end. So, a straightforward approach is best, and it will allow you to quickly move on to greener pastures as well!




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