Getting Over a Breakup

Getting over a breakup is hard, and there is no way around this fact. However, there are some strategies which you can use, to make the process easier and a bit less painful. While these won't eliminate this challenge altogether, they can take your mind off of your problems, and focus it on something positive instead. This will give you a chance to heal, without having to think about your ex on a daily basis to do it. So, to help you recover from a bad breakup, let's look at several methods which you can use below.

Whether you met someone using dating websites online or in another way, calling it quits is hard. This is especially true if they broke up with you, and if you didn't see it coming. These kinds of scenarios play out everyday, and you may feel like your life is over. Just getting up in the morning may seem like climbing Mt. Everest, and every task may seem monumental! It is very common to suffer from a lack of motivation, and you probably feel like you will never love again.

You're Not Alone

While these emotions can be very upsetting and difficult to deal with, the first step is knowing that you're not alone. People everywhere feel this type of pain everyday, and it is perfectly natural. Don't beat yourself up for not being strong enough to avoid it, as this simply shows that you have a tender heart. Simply take it for what it is instead – a bad wound which needs time to heal. After all, if you cut yourself, you wouldn't call yourself a wimp for putting on a band aid! In a similar way, your emotions just need time to reset and to orient themselves once again.

Utilize Friendships

Also, if you have a good friend to help you through this time, there is nothing better. While you may think that being alone is the right thing to do, this may be a mistake. A friend who can sit with you in silence if necessary, is the perfect person to call. They will wait until you're ready to talk, which may come after a few days of being quiet. Or, you may want to vent right away, and you may be the type of person who processes their emotions out loud. Either way, having a friend or family member by your side is a great comfort.

Stay Busy

Third, it can be a challenge to get over someone if you dwell on it all day. Yet, this may be almost impossible to do if your mind isn't otherwise engaged. Therefore, once you've accepted the initial feelings and grieved over them, getting busy is the next phase. Don't skip over the first, as some people are tempted to hide their grief by staying active. It is vital that you let it all out, otherwise your sadness can turn into anger if it is allowed to fester.

However, once you have released it, you may be tempted to drift into a sort of apathetic despair or indifference. That is a sign that it is time to get going, and that you should push yourself to become involved. You almost certainly won't feel like it at first, but once you get moving, then you may find yourself becoming interested in whatever you are doing.

What kinds of activities are good? Anything that gets your mind working, so you don't have time to stew, will be beneficial. Consider volunteering for anything which comes across your path, or you could join some club or sports team instead. Add extra classes to your schedule, or take on more assignments at work. Whatever you have to do to stay busy, this will speed up the time it takes to get over your break up.

Simplicity Goes a Long Way

While these steps may seem rather simplistic, they have been proven to work. They won't remove the sting of your break up entirely, but they can certainly help to cushion the blow. Also, this process may be shortened considerably, as you will be giving your emotions just what they need to recover. So, remember to grieve properly first, and then to get moving afterward. This will help you overcome this hurdle, and will get you back to living your life in less time overall.




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