Making a Good First Impression

When using online dating websites, making a good first impression is important. After all, people have many options, and if you don't come off well right away, then they can simply move on! Therefore, you need to focus upon how you appear, and you must make sure that all of your communications put your best foot forward. If you are new to using this type of service, you may not know what missteps you could be making. So, to help you avoid these, let's examine a few simple strategies for you to use in more detail below.

When using a dating website, the first area where you may have a problem is with your profile. Before you ever get the chance to send any communications, another member will see your profile first. If they don't like what they read, then they won't bother to send you a message! That is why you need to take the time to make an excellent profile, with a good level of detail. However, here again you want to highlight your strengths and minimize your weak points. That isn't to say that you should lie, as you will be found out in the end. Rather, you simply don't want to scare off other singles, before they get a chance to know you better.

Think About What You Want to Say

The best approach is to think about what you would say on a first date. Obviously, you are both there to learn more about each other, yet there is an unspoken boundary which you shouldn't cross. Your first meeting is about learning general information, and getting a clearer sense of each others' personalities. Most people know that sharing too much sensitive information right away is awkward and embarrassing. Rather than creating a strong connection, it usually causes the other person to run for the hills instead!

How does this apply to your profile? Think of your profile page as a first date, and talk about similar topics. Don't discuss how your divorce made you depressed, or why you have a fear of commitment! Instead, stick to things like what activities you enjoy doing, what you are looking for in a partner and what your ideal day would consist of. This is the sort of information that dating websites will ask you, and you should try to stay well within these guidelines at all times.

Profile for Your Readers

Yet, you want to include valuable content, so people are interested in contacting you. When filling out your profile on dating websites, it is best to write for your reader. What does this mean? Try to make your content fun and entertaining, and add as much spice as you can. Essentially, you are writing a long personal ad, so you don't want it to be boring or dry. Instead, try to convey a real sense of your personality, and make your profile enjoyable to read! When you succeed in this effort, you will likely have much more interest from other singles overall.

Eventually, when you are using dating websites, you will find someone that you like. How can you make a good first impression, when meeting in person? The same guidelines apply, and you need to keep the conversation light and casual. However, several more factors come into play, and the first of these is your appearance. No one is happy to see that their date is a disheveled mess, so put some effort into looking good! After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, and no impression is more potent than your visual appearance. For men, get a hair cut, shave, perform general grooming and take care to pick out the best clothes that you own. For women, you may want to try a new hairstyle, have your nails done or even buy a new dress. This simple step will pay large dividends, so it is worth the effort involved!


When you take all of this information into account, you should have no trouble making a good first impression. Using dating websites can be a new skill to learn, but the good news is, that you now know how to put yourself in the best light possible. Focusing upon your profile information is the key to creating interest from other singles. Once you find a date, just make sure your physical appearance is up to par, and you will be much better off. All in all, these simple strategies will make the process much smoother, and will give you better results when using dating websites.




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