Online vs. Offline Dating

The big question in dating today, is whether it is better to go with the online or traditional route. This is a complex topic, and the answer can depend upon your needs and situation. The best approach is to look at the pros and cons of dating websites, and compare them to dating in a real-world setting instead. However, keep in mind that even dating services which are located on the web, will end up with dates face to face. The difference lies more in the process of finding the dates to begin with, and also how well you know the person beforehand. With that in mind, let's first look at how you find dates offline, and then turn our attention to dating websites next.

There are several different approaches for those who date offline. Some people are set up on blind dates, meaning they know only what their friend has told them about the other party. This is usually only bare bones information, and they won't have a clear picture of who they are going to meet. This method relies upon the matchmaking skills of the friends involved instead, which can have results which are all over the board! If you have a friend who knows you very well, and who is gifted when it comes to interpersonal interaction, then you will probably be fine. However, if you have a friend that doesn't know what makes you tick, or who doesn't have a high relationship IQ, then you may be in for a rough time.

In contrast, you may believe the best way is to find your own dates instead. While on the surface this strategy would seem to provide you with more information about your potential date, it doesn't pan out in reality. It only gives you different facts to work with, like how they look and a bit about their personality. You will be largely unaware of these on a blind date, but you will know more about their history, job and interests instead.

Most often the situations where you meet someone attractive don't lend themselves to long conversations. You probably flirt for a few minutes, and then ask for their number, leaving the process of becoming better acquainted for your first date. So, it is a trade-off, with no clear winner as in both cases you are going in with only a small amount of prior knowledge.

Advantages to Online Dating Websites

Dating websites give you a much better opportunity to build a foundation first, before you ever go out on a date. In many cases you will already know a great deal about the person you are meeting, which is beneficial in several ways. First, you will be less likely to waste your time going on dates with people who aren't right for you. This is quite common, as someone who may seem attractive for five minutes in the grocery store checkout line, may begin to annoy you after only fifteen minutes on your date.

It can be very hard to tell in advance, so you are forced to date many people who aren't a good fit. Dating websites can eliminate this extra hassle, so you can focus your efforts on strong matches instead. Not only will you spend less time on bad dates, but you may shorten how long it takes to find someone special by a considerably margin too.

Second, getting to know someone better before you go out, makes the date itself more fun as well. You will have already gotten much of the basic information out of the way. Also, you'll have had the chance to see if you have a good time talking about a variety of topics. If this is true when chatting on dating websites, often times it will be true in person as well. That means, you can expect to have interesting and entertaining conversation, which will make for a much more enjoyable time.

So, when looking at the Online vs. Offline Dating debate, it is clear that dating websites are the clear winner. They can reduce the time you spend looking for the right partner, and save you from terrible dates too. All in all, they allow you to focus your efforts an high percentage candidates, giving you a better chance at finding love!




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