Overview is one of the biggest dating websites online today, with some estimating that it has 15 million members! There is every category that you could desire, and all age groups are represented too. In fact, people over the age of 50 are one of the fastest growing demographic of this particular service. That being said, many younger people use it as well, and the company has stated that approximately 200,000 people find love using their site every year!

Rating: 9/10 Rating is one of the most prominent and trusted online dating websites in the world. They offer an extensive member's database with users from all areas of the globe. The also offer special pricing options when you sign up for more than one month at a time.

Unlike many online dating websites which are untested, has been around for 17 years. The reason for its continued success, may be the many advantages which it provides. This service prides itself on being easy to use, and they also promote a fun atmosphere too. Further, the company is quick to point out, that the large membership base makes your options much more varied! That means, if you want to be picky, you should still have sufficient options left over to select from. Or, in contrast, if you are simply tired of having only one or two matches to choose from, you'll like having as many choices as you can handle instead.

What's Inside for Members?

How does it work? In contrast to other dating websites like eHarmony, you are allowed to look through their comprehensive list of profiles. You can also perform custom searches too, limiting your options by whatever criteria you prefer. For example, are you looking for men between the ages of 45-55, who live within 30 miles of you? makes it easy to find all of the members which adhere to this set of limiting factors, with just the touch of a button. Remember, if you aren't getting as many results as you would like, to simply loosen your criteria a little. You could either increase your search area or make the age range larger instead.

What sets apart from other dating websites? In addition to the above options, there are a host of special feature for you to choose from. One good example is MatchWords™, which gives you the chance to search using tagged phrases. Members get to choose what tags to apply to their profile, to make finding them easier. So, if you want to locate someone that loves bass fishing, you could instantly narrow down your options to users who share this interest! This is totally unique, and many dating websites online today don't have this kind of powerful tool.

Another example is the Platinum membership level, which pairs you with your very own matchmaker, who will be out there working for you on your behalf! They will narrow down the field, and uncover a few great potentials, for you to ask out on a date. Finally, you can choose to access MindFindBind™, which has been created in partnership with Dr. Phil. This program will show you how to get your mind in the game, and then how you can create a special bond with your dates too.

Cost of Services

What does it cost to become a member of If you simply want to create a profile, and browse through the list of available singles, this dating website won't cost you a thing! This is an amazing offer, as it lets you get your feet wet, so to speak. Therefore, you have very little risk, as you can get most of the way through the process, before you'll ever be asked for payment. If you do locate some members who you are interested in speaking with, at this point you will need to join. Messaging isn't included in the free membership package at this time. To open up this option, you'll need to sign up for the basic subscription plan instead. How much is this every month? Membership

Get Started Now with a Membership

This information can be a bit hard to come by, if you visit the site itself. You have to go through the subscription process, before they will reveal their monthly cost. After some digging, this review has discovered that the price for a basic membership is $29.99 every month. With this package, you get many special features and all of the standard search options too. Also, you can send unlimited messages, and receive these as well. A few premium programs are available for an added fee, and to work with Dr. Phil's system you'll only pay an extra $8 per month.

Get Started at Match

So, if you have been on the fence about using an online dating website, may be the perfect way to get started. With the ability to sign up for free, and see every member profile without paying a dime, what do you have to lose? You will only have to pay, if you locate a few people you'd like to message. So, why not log on today, and see if your special someone is out there right now?




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