Overview of Matchmaker Website

Are you tired of the dating scene? If so, you are probably looking to settle down, and even get married. Matchmaker can help, as it is designed for those searching for a long term commitment! Not only do they cater to those looking for a partner in life, they are the oldest dating website on the internet today. This service actually began as a bulletin board way back in 1986, making it over a quarter of a century old!

They've grown from their humble beginnings, to become one of the largest dating websites online at the moment - with over 2 million members. Clearly, they are a great service to meet eligible singles, as you will have plenty of people to select from. Yet, you may be interested in learning more about Matchmaker, to see if it is the right dating website for you.

With 50,000 singles joining on a weekly basis, Matchmaker must be doing something right! What kinds of people does this service usually attract? The average member is age 35 or older, and is well educated. This feature alone may be enough to sell you on this dating website, as many other services tend to have a younger crowd instead. Further, members typically have white collar jobs, and most importantly, they are ready to find someone special. This is not a place just to have fun, as it is not geared towards those interested in casual dating. How does it work?

Once You Become a Member

Like most other dating websites online, you'll begin by setting up your profile. It is rather bare bones, and it simply covers the basics. You will have the option of answering questions about what makes you special, your level of education, what religion you are and you can add a photo as well. If you are looking for a program which is designed to ask you deep and probing questions, to match you with a compatible single, then Matchmaker isn't right for your needs. Without a detailed personality questionnaire, they simply can't provide the targeted matches which other dating websites can. However, they will deliver matches to your inbox if you still prefer, which is a nice option. That being said, Matchmaker relies primarily upon manual searches, and you have several different types to choose from.

Search Their Members

First, you can search through their available listings, using a basic search. You will simply narrow down the field of choices, by common factors like age and distance from your location. If you are bored instead, and want to get started right away, then Matchmaker can help! With their Who's Online search, you can see only those members who are available to chat right now. If you have been a member of other dating websites in the past, then you know how convenient this feature is. Many times you have to email or message a member, wait a day or more for a reply, and then set up a time for you to meet up online. The Who's Online option skips all of this extra hassle, and let's you spend that time talking instead! So, if you have a busy schedule, then you might consider using Matchmaker for your dating needs.

However, the searching variety doesn't stop there, and you can use the Who's New option to see members from your local area. If they've recently joined, then their profile will appear, which can be a nice way to strike up a conversation. After all, you'll both be new to the site, which is something you can use to break the ice! Finally, Matchmaker has a fun selection – it will show you only members who are having a birthday on the day of your search.

Options for Communicating

Once you've found someone you'd like to communicate with, you have a few different options. Most dating websites offer these, so this is no surprise. You can send emails and instant messages, which are the standard methods provided by most services today. However, where Matchmaker sets itself apart, is the way you can indicate your attraction to other members. They have placed small hearts on the side of a member's listing. If this is halfway filled in, then one party is interested. If it is fully shaded in red, then you both know that there is mutual attraction between you! Also, you can send fun electronic presents, like a stuffed teddy bear or even flowers. These are all low pressure ways to get the ball rolling, and they make meeting new people much easier.

Membership Options and Pricing

What does it cost to join? Matchmaker offers a free membership option, which has no time limit. This is very different from most other dating websites online, which usually provide only a short trial instead. You will be able to use all of the search tools, and see full member profiles. However, most of the communication methods will be closed, and these require a paid membership to access. Matchmaker believes that people who pay for a dating service take it more seriously, so they promote the paid option for this reason. Also, they list paying members higher in the search results too, meaning you'll likely receive more messages from other singles.

The price for one month of service is $29.95, and this drops to only $19.98 per month if you pay for 3 months upfront. Six months is $89.95, which comes out to a reasonable $14.99 monthly. Finally, to save the most off the price of your membership, you can select the one year option. You will be charged a single payment of $119.95, meaning you'll only pay $9.99 for each month of service. This is a great value, and it is significantly less than many dating websites at the moment.

Start Dating at Matchmaker.com

So, if you are looking for a place to find singles ready for a commitment, then Matchmaker might be a good choice. While their profile is basic, they do provide many useful search features. Also, the communication options are well thought out too, which is a nice added bonus. Finally, they tend to have older members, which you may prefer. So, if all of these benefits match your needs well, then why not open your free account today?




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