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Online dating has become popular today, making it easier than ever before to find someone special! Yet, there is a downside to this trend as well – locating the best dating websites has become more difficult. With the range of options available to you, it may be a challenge deciding where to begin. You may want to give PerfectMatch a closer look, as it is the fastest growing relationship website at the moment!

Rating: 9/10 Rating has become one of the fast growing online dating websites available today. It continues to grow in popularity and has helped thousands of people develop long lasting relationships with their Duet Compatibility System.

In fact, it has received a great deal of positive exposure in the press, and it was even featured on the Live with Regis and Kelly show. Yet, you are probably less interested in its claims to fame, and more concerned with what advantages it can provide. To help you discover what it has to offer, let's examine its benefits and drawbacks in more depth below.

PerfectMatch is built on the idea, that deep compatibility is necessary to produce a lasting relationship. With that in mind, it focuses upon people who are serious, unlike other dating websites online which cater to singles with a casual mindset instead. PerfectMatch uses their one of a kind Duet Compatibility System, to help you uncover someone who is a great fit for you!

Creating Your PerfectMatch Profile

To make your profile, you will follow four simple steps, and then you'll be ready to begin.

Step one is to input your personal information, like your physical traits, name, age and relationship status. Step two concerns your interests, hobbies and favorite activities. What types of questions will be asked within this category? These will be multiple choice, and cover topics like your favorite romantic date, music, movie and book. You will be asked to describe what you love to do, what type of vacations you like to take, where your would prefer your honeymoon to be and how your family or friends might describe you.

Deal Breakers

Step three is where PerfectMatch begins to stand out from other dating websites online, as you'll cover your personal Deal Breakers. No other service has this kind of question, and it is a valuable tool to take advantage of! How does it work? You will be able to write down what qualities your partner must have, and the ones which must not be present. You can list all of your Deal Breakers, so everyone is clear on where you stand.

Duet Test

Finally, step four is where the Duet Test comes into play, and it doesn't take a simplistic approach. Unlike other dating websites which pair you with people who are similar to you, PerfectMatch uses this technology to provide you with a better match instead. They use the Myers Briggs system, which is highly regarded in the area of personal attraction. This method holds that certain pairs of opposite personalities attract, and that this is a far better coupling than with people who are too much alike.

Compatible Matches

When you are finished taking the 48 question Duet Test, you will be given your results, which will reveal your unique personality type. Why does this matter? Knowing your type will help you to identify the complementary type for you to be on the lookout for. PerfectMatch does this for you, and they will identify other members who have the right personality traits automatically.

Many PerfectMatch users also like their blended approach, which gives you the best of both worlds. Highly compatible matches will be delivered right to your account, yet you can perform a manual search too. Most online dating websites only provide one or the other, so having both available is a nice feature. Further, they have one of the longest free trial memberships in the industry, with two months being offered! This gives you plenty of time to give their service a try, before you ever have to pay a dime. However, to open up access to the searching function and to receive personalized matches, you'll need to join first.

Options and Pricing for Membership

How much does PerfectMatch cost? This service has more membership options than other dating websites online today, to better meet your individual needs. The Premium membership level gives you many great features, such as the ability to ask Dr. Schwartz a dating question. You can take advantage of powerful searching tools too, and speak with whoever captures your interest. Also, PerfectMatch extends you a special guarantee, so you will receive a refund if don't get enough matches. If you'd like to try the Premium package for 5 days, you can for only $9.95. To join for one full month, the price is set at $59.95 at the moment. If you pay for 2 months upfront, the cost drops down to $39.95 monthly. Finally, to receive even more savings, the 3 month plan is only $36.95 every month.

You may prefer to go with a Platinum membership instead, which is longer in term. If you pay for 4 months all at once, then the price is a reasonable $34.99 monthly. The 6 month option is even cheaper, at only $33.33 every month. The Platinum membership tier allows free members to speak with you, increasing your odds for success! Also, you will be highest in the listings, further enhancing your visibility on the site. You will receive a highlighted profile too, which will help you get more people interested in meeting you. All memberships come with the Match Guarantee too, stating that you will be sent a minimum number of Perfect Matches.

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So, you should now have a clearer picture of what PerfectMatch is all about. They are geared towards people looking to find a lasting relationship, unlike many other dating websites today. Also, with about 5 million members, you should have no trouble finding a few quality matches. In fact, they guarantee that you will, or they will refund your money! With this kind of confidence in their service, you may want to give them a try. So, why not sign up today, and let them help you find someone who is perfect for you?




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