Overview of Single Parent Meet

If you are a single parent, finding time to date can be an uphill battle! After all, not only do you have a full time job at your workplace, but a whole second career raising your children as well. You may feel like there simply aren't enough hours in the day to finish what you need to, much less to squeeze in dating too.

Yet, by using dating websites online, you may finally be able to fit in your social life around your other activities! Services like Single Parent Meet make if possible to access a huge database of other single parents, anytime and anyplace. You could log on at one in the morning if you desire, or at seven in the morning instead. Also, you will only be speaking with people who have kids of their own, who know the struggles you have to face.

Member's Area

How does it work? Single Parent Meet is the biggest of the dating websites devoted to single parents, meaning you'll have more people to choose from. In fact, it is estimated that almost 500,000 new members join every year! It is also fairly well balanced, with about 55 percent of the users being men, and the remaining 45 percent women. This is a nice change from other online dating websites, where the ratio can be much more one-sided. Also, the average user is typically 30 years of age or older, so you won't be dealing with a younger crowd. Again, this is a beneficial feature, as you are likely looking for someone your own age to date. The atmosphere on this service is a selling point too, as they've worked hard to promote an upbeat and safe environment for you to use.

Creating Your Profile

Creating your profile is simple, and you'll be asked to write a greeting to begin with. Then, Single Parent Meet will provide you with three separate questions, which are designed to help other members get to know you better. First, you'll tell more about yourself, what you do for work and play, and your personality too. Second, you will have to write down what qualities you are searching for in a partner. You can also say what level of relationship you are looking for too, and how serious you'd like to be at this time. Finally, you are given the chance to include anything which wasn't covered in the other two questions. Once you've completed these, you'll then move onto your personality survey, which is comprised of eleven different questions. Just pick out the answer which seems most appropriate to you, and the system will do the rest.

The third step is general information, including your physical build and appearance. Also, you'll be asked if you smoke, like pets, what type of job you have, how much money you make annually, what your relationship goals are and your marital status. Further, you have the chance to list how many kids you have, and what religion (if any) you adhere to. Finally, unlike other dating websites, Single Parent Meet has an ingenious way to break the ice with other users. They will ask you to pick out a question, and other users who see your profile, can send you their personalized answer. This is a fun way to get to know each other better, and it makes initiating a conversation much less stressful too!

Once you've finished this process, you are ready to find other single parents to date. When it comes to dating websites today, Single Parent Meet has many unique advantages. While other dating sites may allow you to search by marital status or number of children, this service is dedicated solely to meeting your specific needs. Starting up a relationship can be hard if you have kids, but another single parent will understand this, so you won't have a problem. In fact, not only will they be understanding, but you may even include your children on your dates. After all, finding someone to babysit can be a challenge, and it isn't cheap either! Instead, you could suggest a play date, where your kids get to have fun together, as you and your match get better acquainted in a low-key setting.

Search Functions

How can you find a good candidate who lives near you? Single Parent Meet has basic and advanced searching functions, so you can limit the profiles you see by a number of different criteria. You will also be sent matches to your email account on a daily basis as well, so you have several ways to find eligible singles for you to date. No matter what process you use, once you have found a few singles you'd like to contact, there are a variety of ways to do so. In addition to all of the standard methods, you can send flirts to members as well - which is a fun way to say hi! You may want to take advantage of the audio or video message options too, which are nice additional features to have available. These are always anonymous, and other members will never see your personal contact information.

Options and Pricing for Membership

How much does Single Parent Meet cost to join? Like many online dating websites today, this service is free to get started. This allows you to look around, so you can determine if it is worth paying for. You can create a profile, search for other users, and you will have access to all of their information. However, to send any type of communication, you will have to join. For one month of service the price is only $14.95, which is less than the going rate for many dating websites at the moment. If you'd like to save even more, then you can pay for six months in advance. This will cost you $59.70, which is only $9.95 per month.

With the affordable price, and targeted focus, Single Parent Meet has many strong points. If you have been unable to find time for dating, then this could be the perfect solution! There is no need for your love life to suffer, just because you have kids. Unlike other dating websites today, Single Parent Meet makes finding other single parents easy, saving you valuable time. So, why not try out their free membership offer, and see if they can help you to find love?




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