You may have heard of, which provides free chatting for available singles. This probably sounds like an easy way to get started, if you've never used online dating websites before. They advertise themselves as a free site, and some features don't cost anything to use, but there is an entire paid option as well. In fact, this website was bought out by, and they use it to complement their primary service. Yet, it has unique features and drawbacks all its own, as it has a different setup entirely. To help you determine if is right for you, let's take a closer look at it below.

The reviews concerning this dating website are mixed, with some reporting a good experience. However, others did not care for how it was set up, and stated that it didn't have much to offer. Keep in mind, that while it is billed as a place to meet singles for free, many options are only available to paying customers. The process to complete your profile is straightforward, if a bit simplistic. You will be given a few questions about your history, employment, things you enjoy and physical traits.

Matching Members Up

When compared to other dating websites like eHarmony, the level of depth is minimal at best. Further, they claim to have an excellent matching program in place, but again customer reviews aren't encouraging. Some users found it to be a waste of time, and they resorted to manual searches and chatting instead. I suppose it is a case where you get what you pay for, but this falls apart, when you consider that this site has a paid component too. is focused upon people looking for a casual and fun relationship, and it isn't designed for those searching for a deeply compatible partner. In the past, they could present you with terrific membership numbers, with about 5 million people active at the height of their popularity. However, this has now fallen to only about 500,000 - meaning 90 percent of their customer base has moved on to other dating websites. Clearly, this isn't a good sign and there must be a reason for this mass exodus.

Unique Features

There are some useful features however, which other dating websites don't provide. For example, they have chat rooms for all 50 states, so you can find someone at least fairly close by to speak with. This is unique to their service, though other online dating websites do allow you to search by geographic location. You can then message the people you find, and begin a chat. Yet, this is a round about way to begin a conversation, so this is a valuable tool for you to use. is proud of their laid back environment too, and they want you to have fun! Their searching function is rather powerful too, with many different criteria being available. These include narrowing your results by age, distance from your hometown, physical characteristics (weight, height, etc.) and hobbies. You can also choose to look at people who want a more serious relationship, or just see profiles of members who want to keep things casual instead. Finally, you can decide to see only those people who are online at the moment, making it easy to get started chatting right away.

Easy to Use

All in all, the positive attributes of are its ease of use, and straightforward layout. These make it efficient to navigate, and it is simple to initiate communication with other members. Also, searching is intuitive too, which is nice when you are browsing for eligible singles. However, has some negative features as well, and it does seem to have fallen in quality lately. That may be one reason for the dwindling membership levels, which further decreases the qualified candidates you'll be able to find. Also, many profiles aren't well built or maintained, as people create them and then forget to cancel their free membership. Finally, this service has been plagued with software problems, and glitches are a common issue. In fact, one user complained that they couldn't even delete their email messages, as the system couldn't recognize the command!

Free and Paid Membership Options

If you decide to go with the paid option, what does it cost to join? It can be difficult to determine what the difference is between the free and subscription membership levels, as isn't clear about this topic. From all accounts, free or guest memberships allow you to email featured members for no charge. Yet, emailing people who don't have featured profiles, is only available through the paid membership. One month will cost you $24.95, and the price drops to $16.65 if you pay for three months in advance. If you decide to go with a full year of membership instead, then you will only be charged a reasonable $7.49 every month.

While this is one of the cheaper services available today, it does have several problems to consider. Though the searching features are powerful, and they do claim to have a matching system, this may not be enough to overcome their other issues. With less members than ever before, technical problems and profiles which aren't well maintained, you may be frustrated with your experience. You may want to work with other dating websites like eHarmony or instead, which always provide top quality service. However, if you want to test the dating waters for free or a low monthly cost, then may be the right choice for you.




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