Overview of Zoosk.com

If you love social networking, then Zoosk may be a great service for you to use. This dating website was actually a Facebook application in the beginning, only four short years ago. Now it has simply exploded in popularity, with an astonishing 50 million members today! They've moved over to their own independent site, while staying true to their social networking roots at the same time. You can seamlessly integrate your online dating efforts, with activities you are already doing, meaning you'll be twice as efficient. The reason Zoosk is in such demand is due to this ability, which is unique among dating websites online today.

Benefits for Zoosk Members

You probably use Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Hi5 or Tagged at least once a day - which is why Zoosk is so convenient. You can simply add it to your profile, with very little extra work needed. Further, you won't have to visit another website, as it is all integrated for you. They've even released an iPhone version, so you can take Zoosk on the go! Many dating websites online currently can't compete with this level of innovation and programming sophistication.

As you can probably tell from their efforts in the technological arena, Zoosk is targeting a younger demographic. The idea is to tap into the social networking market, and allow users to add dating to their chatting online. Clearly, this idea has struck a chord, with the amount of interest which Zoosk has generated in a very short time! Where dating websites are concerned, it has a high profile, having been featured in the publications like the Wall Street Journal and Newsweek.

Fast Growing

Some experts believe that Zoosk is the fastest growing dating website, among those that are tied into social networking services. It boasts an intuitive design which is easy to use, which makes navigating your options very straightforward. Signing up is a quick process too, and you'll be asked for your physical characteristics, history and questions about your personality too. You'll be given the chance to tell others about your character, with spaces for items like your story, perfect match, and best first date idea.

This is meant to give other members a good idea of what you are like, in just a few minutes time. You will also be asked to upload a photo, and unlike other dating websites online, this is mandatory. However, this is a good policy, because you'll have more success if you include a picture anyway. Be sure to pick out a flattering one, as you want to put your best foot forward! Finally, you can fill out a list of your own favorite items, like movies, books and music which you enjoy.

Other Features

Other beneficial features which set Zoosk apart from other dating websites, is the fact that it supports 20 different languages. This is highly unique, and it further demonstrates that they are serious about creating an international dating community. Not all services have a focus upon this, so this is a unique advantage.

Further, when you are setting up your account, Zoosk can speed up the process. It has the ability to use the information on your social networking account, to fill in the appropriate boxes on your profile. This makes setting up your account easy, and you may prefer Zoosk for this feature alone! Also, because Zoosk requires members to upload a photo, you will be able to see what every user looks like. This isn't common, which you well know if you've been a member of other dating websites in the past. Most often, one third of the profiles have no picture included, and most users simply skip over these. That means, in essence Zoosk has 33% more useable profiles for you to select from!

Pricing and Membership Options

How much does it cost to join? Here again Zoosk is better than many dating websites online today, as they offer an unlimited free membership. Not only can you join without paying, but free members can reply to any emails which they receive from premium accounts. This is nice for paying members too, as it allows them to contact anyone that they wish. Free members can also send winks, which is a fun way to flirt with interesting singles. You can send virtual gifts too, by taking advantage of Zoosk Coins. Searching is fully functional as well, and you will be able to read complete profiles. This is in contrast to some dating websites, which limit the information you can see before paying. In fact, the only thing which free members cannot do, is to send chat messages or emails. You are allowed to reply to all communications, which is a nice option.

If you decide you'd like to upgrade your account to premium status, the cost is similar to other dating websites at the moment. One month will cost you $29.95, and this is the most expensive option. For a single payment of $59.85, you will have premium access for a full 3 months. Finally, for the greatest level of savings, you can pay for a full year in advance. This is only $119.88, which comes out to just $9.99 every month.

Get Started With Zoosk

So, if you love social networking, then Zoosk may be the right dating service for you. The ability to seamlessly integrate your efforts to find someone special, with the online activities you are already doing, makes Zoosk highly convenient. Also, with their huge membership base of 50 million singles, you will never run short of possible candidates! However, be prepared to perform your own searches, as they don't provide a matching feature. That being said, Zoosk is a highly popular service, and they've worked hard to make their site an enjoyable place to meet attractive singles. So, why not begin social networking to enhance your love life, and try out the free membership offered on Zoosk today?




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